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Energy8 Labs Introduces Latest Bridge Solutions for GameFi Sector

Energy8 Labs Is Bringing a New Push to the GameFi Sector

New York, NY, May 13, 2022 – (NovationWire) – Recently, Energy8 Labs has introduced the latest bridge solutions for GameFi industry. The main idea of Energy8 is to connect the world of blockchain technology and the gaming industry. The project team does not develop their own games. They take everyone’s favorite games that made it to the world’s top and turn them into a Play-to-Earn genre. In fact, it’s an improvement on existing games. Now all the efforts are focused on Minecraft and GTA5. This choice is quite obvious.

The GameFi sector is growing at a tremendous pace. As of February 2022, its total market cap has climbed to $55.3 billion. In 2021, the number of GameFi projects more than doubled. The reasons for GameFi success are quite obvious. It combines both promising and potentially life-changing technologies – Web3, NTFs, Metaverse. The “Play-To-Win” model is being slowly but surely replaced by the “Play-To-Earn” concept.

Gamers of all levels have praised the combination of gameplay and earning potential. In simple terms, playing favorite game and making money is now becoming a reality. The problem is that this opportunity is available for new games. Fans of the very top games, which have a huge audience, have to change their preferences or settle for just playing without making money. Playing favorite game while having a simple and clear way to earn is exactly what millions of gamers around the world are waiting for. Why not go into the business of creating ones’ own game instead of improving the existing ones? The reason is that many modern Play-to-Earn projects have rather dim prospects for success.

Some experts have even started to say that the GameFi industry has not lived up to expectations and is becoming obsolete. In fact, the problem is that these games can’t match the popularity of the top game projects. So the GameFi sector definitely needs a new push. And that’s exactly what Energy8 offers.

Energy8 Solution for the GameFi Sector

From a legal point of view, there is no need to enter into a partnership agreement with a particular company in order to implement this on community servers. The reason is that a crypto token is not a security.

Energy8 is developing its own cryptocurrency to make sure the Play-To-Earn feature works smoothly across different games. While having their own token is an advantage, the token itself can become an object of speculation. There are always people who view any new token as a way to make a quick buck. This could possibly cast a shadow over a company or even the entire GameFi market.

As for now, Energy8 makes it possible for any Minecraft fan to start earning from scratch just by logging into a Minecraft server. No cryptocurrency wallet is needed. Withdrawing money takes a few seconds. To do this, just go to the project’s website and withdraw tokens to users’ Metamask. After that, people can sell them on the decentralized exchange.

The Future of the GameFi Market with Energy8

There is no doubt that the very idea of GameFi is actually a breakthrough. It seems that earning money from gaming is becoming a reality not only for those who devote their whole life to it and are top-level cyber-sportsmen but also for those who want to play their favorite game as a hobby. At this point, the only question is how to make it available not only for new games but for existing ones.

It is quite possible that solutions mentioned above will actually make millions of gamers around the world successful. What is even more important, this will fundamentally change the way we view gaming. The gaming industry is growing year by year and is valued at more than $178 billion. With more than 2.65 billion mobile game users worldwide, it definitely needs a new push that Energy8 Labs can provide.

Also, it is important to add that working with cryptocurrency is always a big risk. So users have to be careful and not get their hopes up that in the near future every single gamer will be able to earn as much as they do in their main job in an easy and effortless way.

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