Lirik Lagu Everglow – Coldplay


Lirik Lagu Everglow - Coldplay

We see people coming

See people go

This particular timing is extra special

I know you might be gone

And the world may not know

Still, I see you celestial

Like a lion you ran

Goddess, he wrote

Like an eagle, you circle

Perfect of all

So how come things move on?

How come cars don't slow?

When it feels like the end of the world

When I should but I can't let you go

But when I'm cold, cold

When I'm cold, cold

There's a light that you give me

When I'm in shadows

There's a feeling of ever, everglow

We're brothers in that

The sisters you write

When we stroll on like that

Be friends 'til we die

With the changing of winds

And the way waters flow

Life is shortest in fall, in the snow

I know I'm going to miss you, I know

But when I'm cold, cold

Yeah, all alone, the… [did]

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